Tuesday, April 24, 2012

4 Months

Stats: Hayes is still a big boy! At his 4 month doctors appointment he was, 17lbs (90th percentile) 27" (95th percentile) 43cm head circumference (75th percentile) The doctor's assistant, or whoever she was that checked us in at the doctor and took Hayes's measurements, had everything all messed up.  She had the weight right, because it was digital, but she read the growth chart wrong, and said he was only in the 50 percentile. Then when she measured how long he was, she didn't hold her pen straight when she was marking the top of his head, and then when she measured the paper there was a fold in the paper. So anyway, she only measured Hayes at 26" so when she left the room, I remeasured him. hehe =) Above are my measurements. Oh and she had to measure his head like five times, and made me double check her measurement, crazy lady!

Milestones: Hayes is really starting to move this month. On April 1st  he started consistently rolling from his back to his stomach. Which makes for a fun diaper change. Hayes is much better at intentionally grabbing things. He is really trying to be on the move, if you stand him up, he starts taking steps. When he is on his stomach, he gets up on his toes and pushes. He can also hold himself up on his hands with straight arms, as soon as he puts the 2 together, he will be moving.
Blowing bubbles

Feeding: Hayes is still eating about six ounces every 3-4 hours. We got the go ahead to start solids from the doctor (which we have now, pics to come).

Behavior: Hayes is still happy 95% of the time. He is still really only crabby if he is hungry, tired or sometimes bored. We have had some nice days, and he LOVES! being outside. I have a feeling he is going to be daddy's little helper as soon as he is walking. Chris was home last weekend and he kept saying wow, I can't believe we have such a happy boy! All you have to do is make eye contact with Hayes and he just lights up! I hope he is always this happy!

Sleep: Still no real improvement on the sleep front. He seems to be doing better with naps, usually taking 2 two hour naps and then a short one in the late afternoon. Nighttime he is still waking up once or twice to eat. He is still good at going right back to sleep though. His doctor recommended some gentle sleep training, so I need to get to the library and get the book she recommended.

Clothes: Hayes is still in the same size clothes as he was last month for the most part. There are a couple of sleepers he is too long for now. He is generally still wearing 6-12 month clothes. He was wearing a 18 month onsie the other day, and it fit great I just had to roll up the sleeves once, maybe he has a long torso. Hayes is still wearing size 3 diapers from Target.

Chris was home this past weekend, and I just realized, I didn't get a single picture :( Grr that makes me so mad. Oh well hopefully he will be back sooner than 6 weeks, like last time.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday mom and I did our usually shopping trip. We went to Costco and stocked up. They had tons of samples, probably because it was Easter weekend. So we cruised around Costco with Hayes in the Bjorn and tasted all the samples. I think I only dropped food on his head a couple of times. haha. On the way out we stopped for Polish hot dogs and got a whole combo pizza to go.

Hayes has found his feet
Then we headed to Target to get diapers and get a shower gift. My cousin Garrett is getting married next month, and we are going to a bridal shower for his fiance next weekend. Then we stopped at Fred Meyer's to pick up the fresh stuff. That night we just stayed home, had pizza and relaxed.

Saturday was the opening day of the Farmer's Market, so we thought it would be fun to walk around there for a little while. I didn't find anything too interesting. There were quite a few food vendors with long lines. Jess and my mom tried some Indian food. The only food I wanted to try was the BBQ but it had a really long line, and it was $8.50 for a sandwich, so I just settled for a hot-crossed bun.
After the Farmer's Market Hayes and I met up with my friend Jessica and we walked around Lake Padden. It was really nice out. It felt so warm in the sun, but there was a chilly breeze coming off the water. My car said it was 50 degrees outside, haha. We walked about 2 miles, and man my shoulders were killing me by the time we were done. Hayes had also had enough of being in the Bjorn, so I had to take him out and just snuggle him as we walked the last 1/4 mile or so.

Hayes and I rushed home after walking, and went with mom to my cousin's uncles funeral (on her mom's side). Anyway it was at the ferry terminal and it was really sad. He died at 56 after a 9 month battle with Lymphoma. Of course Hayes was not in the best of moods by then, because he is not used to being away from home for that long, and he didn't really nap all day. So most of the time he and I just walked around the terminal. It was too windy and cold to go outside but it looked beautiful. I guess I should have taken a picture. We didn't get home until about 5:30 so we just sat out on the deck and drank a beer.

This is his new "pumpkin face"

Sunday we had nice weather again and we spend most of the day outside on the deck soaking in the vitamin D. We didn't really do much for Easter since Hayes is too young to care and Chris is still working out of town. I did dress Hayes up as a bunny though, I'm sure he will love that picture when he gets older! The work week is so much easier to start after getting to enjoy some sun.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!