Monday, December 3, 2018

The dog days of Fall

Is that even a term? Haha well I swear the boys have brought home every sickness under the sun. Ugh I feel like I've been sick for 2 months straight!
And we got a puppy! Meet DarLynn!

She's a 5 month old Springer spaniel. She loves to get down and dirty outside all day then comes in for her daily bath and snuggles the rest of the evening.

We have had exceptionally nice weather this fall. The rain hasnt really started yet for the winter. No rain means no snow in the foothills either. We did manage to find some snow last weekend. It just took 2 hours of driving on a horrible gravel road to get there haha.

Chris and the boys have been taking advantage of the nice weather and getting a couple cords of firewood split and stacked.

Hopefully we can all get over this sickness so we can enjoy the rest of this holiday season!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Deer opening weekend

Chris and I headed over to Eastern Washington with some friends for the opening of deer season. Our friend got a 3 point but we struck out. We did see probably 100 does though. Even though we didnt bring home any meat Chris and I had a nice kid free weekend!

The last day we were over there we headed North to Conconully and fell in love! Haha Chris and I are ready to move.

Here are a couple of pictures from sighting in our rifles before we left.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Here ducky ducky

This weekend we went out and worked on our duck blinds for this season. Duck and goose starts October 13th and we are all excited! Chris and I are headed to Eastern Washington that weekend for deer and elk. It's my first time so hopefully I'll have some beginners luck!
Saturday was a perfect fall day and we got the blinds are ready. Hopefully we can stick our freezer this year!

Friday, October 5, 2018

Well Hello There!

I have no clue if anyone still blogs or reads blogs anymore, but if you are still out there, Hello!
I really want to get back to blogging for my own records if nothing else. I'm not going to do a huge recap of the last 4 years. In the next couple of posts I will at least update the past few months and hopefully continue with a somewhat often schedule!
If you are still reading blogs please say hi!
I miss all of you and hope we can reconnect!❤

Monday, January 5, 2015

2014 Review

Oh my gosh it's been so long I forgot how to blog! I really have no excuse, well I kind of do we haven't had internet at our house until a couple of weeks ago. Really not an excuse though since I haven't posted since March! I mean I have always been horrible about remembering to blog but that's even terrible for me. Ok since I feel off the face of the earth in 2014 I figured I would do a short and sweet picture review of 2014. You know in case anyone is still reading and would like to know where we have been.
Hayes and I went as many walks as possible to try and combat the cabin fever when we were stuck inside there were lots of messes that turned into all toys in straight lines.

February we had every weather from snow to flip flop weather. We braved the park in the pouring down rain and I made my first homemade Valentines gifts. We also added a new member to our family, Baby Blue

The boys played outside every chance they got. We all had such bad cabin fever by then that the sunny weather was a very welcome change. Hayes climbed a tree for the first time and never wanted to come down. Shawn was only going to school for 3 hours a day because Sumas did not a a program for his needs.

I started putting the boys to work. Hayes was more than happy to stack firewood, Shawn not so much. Looking at the pictures you would think we had a heat wave but it wasn't even 50 degrees and the boys were running around shirtless.

May started Chris's busy season back at work. Hayes loves being outside and it was a fight everyday to get him to come back in. The sprinkler was a favorite even fully clothed. The end of the month we celebrated my 32nd birthday and went to the Ski to Sea parade

We celebrated father's day at Chris's brothers new restaurant (Zorba's in Oak Harbor). I went back blonde yay! Yes that is Chris's rear end, we were out baling hay and the bale wrap was tangled. Chris bought a side by side which we kept for a week before he resold it.

4th of July we spent with cousins at Birch Bay. The middle of July we moved to Lynden so Shawn could be in a different school district with a better special education program. The boys and I went to Pioneer days with my parents and we somehow forgot Hayes's shoes so my dad had to carry him the whole time.

The kids and I tried to make the most out of the last month of summer while Chris worked 7 days a week. We had Ariana for half the month. We went to Deception Pass and Birch Bay a couple of times. Hayes and Blue were inseparable on adventures around the property.

September was a gorgeous month weather wise. Shawn started school in Lynden and it was such an awesome move for him! Hayes, Jessica and I went on many walks during her vacation. The choppers came and cut down our corn which made for an excellent dirt track for Hayes to ride his balance bike. September ended on a sad note when we lost Baby Blue. He was hit by a truck in front of our house and we weren't able to save him.

Hayes and I started going to Monday Morning Moms at church and I was able to make some cute decorations for our mantel. The boys enjoyed spending time with great grandma before she left for Arizona for the winter. Declan came over for a couple of play dates with Hayes. Jessica and I took Hayes to a indoor playground slide place where he showed off his rock climbing skills, silly boy was 6 feet up the wall before I even realized it. We ended the month trick or treating around Lynden where Hayes refused to wear his costume so he went in jammies.

Apparently we didn't do much in the month of November or if the few pictures I took say anything, we slept all the time. haha Shawn did decide to go out in the muddy corn field when it was 20 degrees and the Northeaster was blowing with shorts and a t shirt. Of course he got stuck and there was no way Chris or I could reach him. He was freezing by the time he finally dug himself out of the mud.
December started out with Hayes's birthday then Chris and I got out of the house for a Masonic holiday dinner. Hayes perfected his cheese face. Christmas was a whirl wind with 5 different celebrations. New Years eve Ariana and I got our hair done. She had hers highlighted for the first time and I had my roots done. Later that day we went out to Birch Bay and froze at the ring of fire.
 So how was your year friends? Sorry we lost touch I would love to get back in contact with all of you!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Chhha chha changes

***Totally just found this post in my drafts, haha I didn't really read it just skimmed it, I guess I was waiting for pictures to post it? Oh well look at the pictures from my other post, and when the weather gets a little nicer, I will get out and take some house and property pictures***

So for those of you I have not told. November 8th was my last day of work. Well out of the house work! haha Yep after 4 1/2 years with Krause I turned in my 2 weeks and started my new life as a stay at home mama. We also moved 45 minutes Northeast, so we are really right on the Canadian border now. Like 1 mile away. We now live on a farm out in the middle of nowhere, well not nowhere, we are 5 miles outside of town but the town is pretty much just a border crossing. There is a couple of gas stations, 3 restaurants and a little grocery store. We are nestled up against the foothills and we have some pretty amazing views.

All of us are still trying to get adjusted to me staying home. Before Hayes and Shawn were at grandma care(my parents house) Hayes has been staying home with them during the days since he was 2 months old. Shawn has been there before and after school since he started living with us a year ago. We did live 3 houses down from my parents, so anything I needed they were right there, now...;( This is really the first time in my adult life that I have been on my own, well with Chris, but not at my parents all the time, for food and childcare, and everything else under the sun. It has been for the best but it is hard. I know my mom is just a phone call away but she can't just come over and help me on a moments notice. I think I am doing well though, we all have clean clothes and food, so I must be doing ok.

Oh and the first month we were here, I had no clue where my camera was, so I am just now getting around to showing you pictures of our house, and a few of life in general.

Hopefully I can get better at blogging. I did buy myself a laptop because I will be doing some work from home for a couple farmers. I really thought I would have more time to get things done staying home, but so far that has not been the case. Hopefully soon we can get into a routine and I will have some time to do things to I enjoy like blogging, sewing and baking.

Oh Hey!

Sorry for the almost 3 month blogging hiatus! I have been just trying to survive since I became a stay at home mom. This has been a long cold winter and cabin fever has set in. I am lucky if I leave the house once a week and that is to go to the little grocery store in town. So why you may ask have I not had time to blog? One word, Hayes! The terrible twos or whatever you want to call it have it hard at our house. He is a very needy toddler. He is attached to my hip and throwing tantrums every minute that he is awake. Then if I am lucky enough to actually get him to take a nap, I am tip toeing around the house like crazy trying to get some house work done, or if the stars have aligned, actually taking a shower! Seriously you guys it is crazy!!
My baby who was such an awesome sleeper has become a non sleeping terror! Hayes used to sleep a solid 12 hours at night and then take a 2-3 hour nap. Now I am lucky if he sleeps 9 hours at night and he takes a nap twice a week. It is possible that I am a horrible mom, and I have no clue what I am doing, but I am hoping that it is just a phase and he will soon go back to my loving son. Fingers crossed please!!
So in the 3 months I have been gone, a lot has happened but really nothing at all. Living way out in the boonies really cuts down on my adult interactions. I have gotten to spend time with Chris more, at our house after the boys are in bed, of course! So Christmas and New Years happened of course, then was Chris's birthday. We actually convinced my parents to watch all 3 kids and Chris and I went and stayed at a casino for his birthday. It was so nice we had dinner, a few drinks, swam in the pool, and did a little gambling. I totally lucked out and hit a jackpot. Of course I was bidding the least amount but I still made $300 which was enough to pay for our whole night including gas, score!!
The beginning of February our dog Diesel went missing. Chris was pretty upset to lose his buddy.
We had all 3 kids for Valentine's day, so we just had a fun movie night at home. That Sunday Chris decided that it was time to get a new dog. So blue the Blue Heeler came to live with use. Since it is still winter and Blue weighs less than 5 pounds right now, he is inside. If you know me you know I am not an inside animal person! Luckily heelers don't really shed! He will probably stay inside until the weather warms up, and then I am kicking his cute little butt outside. Having a puppy, a crazy 2 year old and a trying 9 year old, has proved to be more than I can handle quite often. I feel like all I do is clean up someone's poop, pee, or something of mine that they have destroyed. On a positive note, when they all grow up a little I will get to redecorate my house! haha

My blog reading has been almost as lousy as my blog writing. When I logged into Bloglovin' one day and had over 1000 unread posts, I just clicked marked all as read. Sorry if you had something important in there and I missed it! Please feel free to share, I would love to hear how you all are doing and what you have been up to.
I can't promise that I will blog all the time or with any sort of consistency, but really even I know 3 months is ridiculous! Hopefully with the nice weather I won't feel like such a caged bird, and it won't be pitch dark at 6 causing me to just want to crawl in bed for the night. So please stick around, because who knows I might actually get you that house tour I have been promising for 5 months! Love ya guys!
Oh and here's a few pictures if you are interested...

And if you don't follow me on Instagram, you really should, I am a lot better at posting at least every once in a while on there.
Do not let the smile fool you, I am pretty sure Hayes rolled over and attacked Blue right after this.
I try to only capture the sweet moments, because really they are what I want to remember
Hayes looks cute up there, but to make himself room, he literally throws everything on the self on the floor, and then has a screaming fit if I try to take him down before he is ready.
That's Blue the first day we got him, trying to hide from all the crazies
I got all Pinteresty and made Shawn Valentine's for his class this year
We braved the rain and the cold and went to the park, these two were enjoying themselves
This one, not so much. If there is a way to hurt yourself, Shawn will find it
Oh and our state's football team played and rocked the Super Bowl, Hayes loved watching them play, but this is how he felt about Bruno Mars and the half time show! haha
We try to get out and take a walk whenever the weather allows it. It helps cabin fever at least for a couple of hours