Monday, December 3, 2018

The dog days of Fall

Is that even a term? Haha well I swear the boys have brought home every sickness under the sun. Ugh I feel like I've been sick for 2 months straight!
And we got a puppy! Meet DarLynn!

She's a 5 month old Springer spaniel. She loves to get down and dirty outside all day then comes in for her daily bath and snuggles the rest of the evening.

We have had exceptionally nice weather this fall. The rain hasnt really started yet for the winter. No rain means no snow in the foothills either. We did manage to find some snow last weekend. It just took 2 hours of driving on a horrible gravel road to get there haha.

Chris and the boys have been taking advantage of the nice weather and getting a couple cords of firewood split and stacked.

Hopefully we can all get over this sickness so we can enjoy the rest of this holiday season!

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Nicole said...

Addison is home sick today. She complained about her belly hurting... Hopefully, you have better luck with that!! And come split wood for us too... although our HVAC comes in today so that'll be fun.