Sunday, March 17, 2013


Spring has sprung in our neck of the woods.

The temperature is hovering around 50 degrees, and we have had a few sunny days.

That means I break out the tan tops and flip flops.

What its like where you live? Are still fighting the snow, or you enjoying some nice days?

Does 50 degrees mean flips flops to you too?


Nicole said...

um.... 50 degrees is still tooooo cold for flip flops :). We're talking more like 70's :). Wednesday is the first day of Spring and we're looking at rain/snow showers over the weekend. wooohoooo. Although it isn't a very strong chance so I doubt it happens, but I am from the Show Me State :)

Angie Church said...

lovely spring pictures so very pretty I am so ready to be out there and enjoy it all
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Susannah said...

50 degrees definitely does not have me putting on flip flops. Glad you're enjoying it, though. ;-)

Amanda Haney said...

That is so pretty!!! I don't know if its ever been that green where we live. It's brown and dead looking, it hasn't rained lately, until last night, we needed it!!!

Mason's Mama said...

Yay for Spring!!! Love the pictures.