Monday, February 13, 2012

2 Months

Stats: Hayes is such a big boy, just like his mama and daddy! At his 2 month wellness appointment on 2/13/12, Hayes was 25" long and 14lbs 15 ounces. That is over 95% for his height and weight. His head circumference was in the 50% but I'm not sure of the measurement.

Milestones: Hayes has started to laugh but it usually sounds more like a cough. Sometimes when he is really excited he will squeal. He smiles at faces and loves to be carried around and sung to. He likes to try and sit up, and has really good head control. He is almost over the bobble head stage!

Feeding: He is still quite the chow hound. He eats about 4 ounces, every 3 hours around the clock. The past couple of days though he has been extra hungry, and wanting to eat every hour or two.

Behavior: He hasn't changed much from last month. He is still the happiest in the mornings, and will talk and talk to either the quilt, fan or a pair of fuzzy dice that are hanging above him. He also is enjoying sitting in his bouncy seat and looking at the stuff hanging from it. He is still loving bath time and is starting to splash in the water

Sleep: Hayes's sleep pattern has changed a little since I have gone back to work. We go to bed at 8:30 and then usually he wakes up at around 1am and 4am to eat and then is right back asleep. On weekdays we get up at 6am. On the weekends, I try to keep him in bed a little longer. Recently Hayes has started not wanting to take naps during the day. He thinks that he just needs a half hour cat nap and he is good to go. Well that works ok during the day, but by the evening he is miserable, because he is so tired.

Clothes: I think Hayes has outgrown all of his 3 months clothes. He is wearing mostly 6 months, and a few 9 months. He is wearing a size 2 diaper during the day, and a size 3 diaper at night, because that boy is a peeing machine!


Nicole said...

Awe, isn't he a cutie!

The Smiths said...

What a cute boy you have! ☺ Thanks for following my blog! ☺

Smile Steady said...

What a sweetheart! I love our little (BIG) boys!