Sunday, March 18, 2012

3 Months

Stats: Hayes is growing like a weed. He didn't have a Dr. appointment this month so I'm not sure how big he is, but I'm guessing he is around 18 pounds and 26" long.
Milestones: Hayes has found his hands this month, and he loves them! Most of the time he has his whole hand, or both hands in his mouth. He has also started sucking his thumb, and it's just so darn cute. Let's hope it is just a stage though. We have gotten a couple of real giggles from him, but most of the time, he still just squeals when he is happy or excited. Hayes loves to smile. Whenever he sees a familiar face, he just lights up. I hope he is always such a happy little boy!
Hayes has also started rolling over consistently. It is hard to keep him on tummy time, because as soon as you set him down, he just rolls over.
We started the Bumbo this month too and he is ok with it for a couple of minutes, but then he is ready to get out, and he lets you know it!

Feeding: Lately Hayes has been eating more at each feeding and going longer between feedings, hopefully that will lead towards him sleeping through the night! Right now he is eating about 6 ounces every 6 or so hours.
Behavior: Hayes is still such a happy baby! Mornings are still his best time, he is so talkative then. This month Hayes has started whining when he is tired, but usually you can just hold him tight and rock him, and he is asleep in minutes. He makes the cutest little crabby face when he is upset though, I will have to get a picture, he sticks his bottom lip out and just pouts.
Sleep: That hasn't changed much this month. Hayes is still waking up twice a night to eat and then he goes right back to sleep. About 1 day a week he will take good naps, but the other days, you lay him down, then look over in about a half hour and he is playing with his blanket instead of sleeping. Oh well at least he doesn't do this at night (knock on wood)

Clothes: Hayes is wearing 6 months to 12 months clothes. He is starting to look like such a baby instead of a newborn. He is so much easier to hold because he actually hugs you back, so I can dress him in actual clothes, instead of just jammies all the time. Hayes is still wearing size 3 diapers from Target.

Chris was home for a couple of weeks this month, so Hayes got some quality daddy time!

We also got a baby Bjorn this month from Jessica at work. Hayes loves it! I use it when we go to Costco or the store, or to just walk around outside on a nice day. ( Which I think we have had 2 nice days the past month, unlike the rest of the country:( It's crazy when Chris is in North Dakota and he is wearing a t-shirt because it is 7o degrees, and I'm at home in Washington and I have to use 4 wheel drive to get to work because there is snow! Crazy weather)


Nicole said...

awe, so precious! and yes it has been a crazy year for weather all around, but 70 in North Dakota and snow in Washington... that seems a little bass ackwards!

Jeremy and Megan said...

OMG! How cute is he?!