Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

                                                                                                                                                                             I work a short day on Friday, so when I got off work. We did a mini photo shoot. Haha. The baby is cute, the background, not so much. I should really pay more attention to all the baby crap when I take pictures.

Anyway then in the afternoon we went and picked up my step daughter A for the weekend. She hasn't been over since New Years because she ended up having something planned on each of our weekends. Ah the life of an 11 year old girl, I have a feeling it is only going to get worse.

It was nice having A because she loved to just sit and make faces and entertain Hayes. he wasn't such a fan of her holding him though. He was much happier to just sit in his chair and have her talk to him.

It was actually decent weather this weekend. It was sunny and I think we got up to about 60 degrees! So on Saturday mom and A did some gardening and I put Hayes in the Bjorn and walked around through the field.  Mom's garden is usually a lot further along by now, but since she has been watching Hayes since I went back to work, she hasn't really gotten many chances to be outside. That and the wonderful rain and snow that we have been having lately!

Saturday night A, Hayes and I started a puzzle. Exciting I know. It was so cute though, as I was going through the puzzle pieces looking for edges, Hayes was just watching so intently, like he couldn't wait to get his sticky little hands on the pieces and see how they taste. It seems like everything goes in his mouth lately. I was holding him yesterday, while I was dishing up my dinner plate, and I looked over and he had a hand full of my hair in his mouth. Yummy!

Yesterday we had nice weather too, so we spent some time outside and BBQ'd some chicken. Hayes wasn't so sure what to think about being outside.

He enjoyed it for a little while but then I think he started getting tired, and it was too bright for him to fall asleep, because I brought him in and put him in his swing and he fell right to sleep. He hardly ever sleep in his swing, so he must have been tired.

Speaking of tired, Hayes must being going through a growth spurt. Saturday night I think he nursed all night so I just kept him in bed with me. He got up for the day at 7:30, had a bottle at about 8 then fell back asleep until noon! Then last night he was at 1, 3:30 and 5 to eat. Then he decided not to go back to sleep. Grr, I have know clue how people get their babies one a schedule. If you have any advice, I would love to hear it.

Anyway, we stopped on the way to take A home last night and got a Dairy Queen ice cream cone. Chris is still working out of town so we had a pretty lazy weekend! It would have been perfect if I could have gotten just a little more sleep. I'm kinda draggin' butt today. How was your weekend?


Heather said...

Cute, cute, cute baby!

Nicole said...

That's sweet you still got your step-daughter even though your hubby is out of town working. And she's a cutie. She looks like she could be yours :). And of course you little man, well he's obviously a cutie! Sorry about the lack of sleep though. That's why I'm not looking forward to having a kid someday.

D said...

HE IS SO STINKING CUTE! Who cares about the stuff in the background you can crop it out.