Saturday, August 18, 2012

8 Months

Such a happy boy

Stats: I don't have any updates. He won't have another Dr. appointment for another month or two. He is such a wiggle worm now, I have no clue how they are even going to measure him when we go!
Hayes is in love with Chris's yellow hat

Milestones: Hayes is still very active and alert. I didn't really realize just how alert and perceptive he is until, I was around a couple of other babies this month. He is so dang nosy curious(which means he is into everything!) The other babies tend to just kind of stare of into space and grunt. haha Hayes gave up on army crawling and is just speed crawling. He is also pulling himself up on everything, and sometimes trying to stand up without any help.
Hayes loves playing under the sink
His legs are still wobbly and he has his mom's balance. He definitely has the ambition to walk though. Hayes also got 2 new teeth this month. Both on the bottom. He got his second bottom tooth about July 20th and then about 3 days later, his 3rd bottom tooth, which was right next to his 2nd tooth popped through. He really looks like a little bulldog now. haha.
First ear of corn

Feeding: Hayes still LOVES his food. Man that kid can eat. He has tried everything I have eaten this past month I think.In fact is you don't share with him, he tends to get very upset, even if he has just ate. Mayeb we should try to teach him not to beg like a dog? haha yeah right our dog's haven't even figured that one out.
Hayes loves his Diesel doggie

Behavior: Hayes is active! He is into everything. Mom has cleared out under the kitchen sink because he loves crawling in there and playing. Hayes is a very happy boy and we get comments all the time about how content he is. No matter where we are, if he has had enough to eat, and there are people to watch, he is happy as can be. I think Hayes tends to get bored quite easily. As long as he is moving and exploring new things he is happy, but if he is stuck in one stop for too long, he gets restless.

Sleep: It's is still going great. Hayes still sleeping through the night every night. A couple of nights in a row, he did wake up at 5 am, and was ready for the day. But those days he went to bed before 7pm so he still got plenty of sleep. Now only if I could go to bed at 7 with him, I would get plenty of sleep too.
First time swimming

Hayes loves the water, just like his daddy

Clothes: Hasn't changed much from last month. 9mo-2T clothes and size 4 diapers. Actually hardly any 9 mo clothes fit him, but there are a few that he still wears for just around the house.


Nicole said...

Isn't he such a cutie! How awesome he loves the water too! He's going to be breaking hearts momma! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

What a sweet heart!

Ariel @ Dreams To Do said...

Such a cutie patootie! :)

The Bells said...

Looks like you've got an adventurous boy on your hands! Thanks for the words of encouragement on my blog...I'm almost looking forward to my day "off" tomorrow, where I go to work and play pharmacist for the day! Sometimes it's just nice to be around other adults.