Friday, November 16, 2012

10 Months

Oops just found this sitting in my cue! Yes I know this is over a month late. Hopefully I will get his 11 month post out before he is a year old.

Stats: We finally had a doctors appointment this month. Hayes was 22lbs 9ounces (75%) 30 3/4" long (95%) and his head was in the 75% too, I just don't know what the measurement was.
Um when did he become a 5 year old?

Milestones: Hayes is such a character lately. He makes the funniest faces, and noises on purpose just to make us laugh. He is on the go constantly. The wait at the Dr.s was absolute torture. He wanted to get down and explore so bad, I had to fight him doing the crocodile death roll the whole time. The doctor actually made a comment about how he is the size of and acts like at least a one year old. She put as he was very advanced. Haha. He still is working on walking or running everywhere. Crawling is still his go to when we has a mission, but he is definitely walking a lot too. Hayes has 4 teeth on the top now. The top left two came in within days of each other. There is still no sign of his 4th tooth on the bottom though, silly boy with a lopsided grin.
One decent shot

Hayes waves bye bye now. The funny thing is though that he usually does it after the person is out of sight. You can sit there and wave and say bye bye, but nothing. Then as soon as he can't see you anymore, he starts waving. It really is pretty cute!

Feeding: Hayes still eats everything and anything in sight. By the time I get home from work, he has usually already had his dinner, and then he eats about half of my dinner too. He gets so mad if you don't give him some of your food. It doesn't matter what it is, he thinks he needs to try it. That should be fun during the holidays, as he cruises everyone plates for food. Hayes isn't such a fan of bottles anymore, so hopefully it will be pretty painless to wean him. He does love his bottle when he first wakes up in the morning though.

Behavior: Hayes pretty much just explores all the time. He doesn't really want to be held unless he has just woken up. He usually wants to be down messing with everything. He gets really mad if you block something off. He thinks he should just get to go everywhere and touch everything. He is so much fun to play with lately and I think things are starting to make sense to him. He doesn't listen to me too well when I tell him no, but if Chris does, Hayes stops in his tracks and gives us the saddest face. It is pretty darn cute, now if he would only listen to me that well.

And he was done!
Sleep: Still the same, he sleeps great at night and then naps are hit and miss. I keep thinking that he is working on dropping his afternoon nap, and then the next day he will sleep over 2 hours in the afternoon. Who knows, that boy is on no schedule but his own.

Clothes: Hayes is wearing mostly 18 month and 2T. My mom just bought him some 18 month footed jammies and the just fit in length. He has a couple pairs of jammies that are hand me downs that are 3T and 4T and those fit too. So who knows, baby sizes are so random. He is wearing a size 4 diaper during the day and 5 at night.


Justin and Marcie said...

Hahaha!!!! That last pic cracks me up!

Marci Smith said...

Aww, your guy is precious!! I love the last pictue. It cracked me up!! :)

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness, he's going to be a heartbreaker! He's such a cutie! And I love that he was done and away he went!

Mason's Mama said...

Oh my goodness, he's adorable. Love those pictures of him!!!