Thursday, November 8, 2012

Random Hayes

I am following along with Paige at Boots Bows & the 5-OH. We are listing some random things about our kids that we don't want to forget.

1.       Loves music. When we are in the car he sings and at home he dances.
2.       He is a climber, must have gotten that from his daddy the tree climber. When he walks up to anything he instantly lifts his leg and tries to climb up on it.
3.       He calls me Mam, Chris is Daad and my mom is Mama.
4.       He thinks every evening he needs to unload every cupboard in the kitchen.
5.       He has been sleeping through the night about 12 hours, every night since he was 6 months.
6.       Hates being left alone, but is perfectly happy if he has anyone in sight.
7.       He loves to have Grandpa carry him around in the Bjorn and “do work”
8.       He will let you know when he is tired, by constantly running into things and falling down.
9.       He has to have a bite of my food for every bite I take, even if he has just eaten is own meal.
10.   Loves food. I have not found any food that he won’t eat.
11.   He loves playing with Chris’s hat, suspenders and facial hair.
12.   He has a fixation with hair and loves to get his hands in everyone’s hair.
13.   He could care less about the TV except for the power button, which he loves to push.
14.   He has had 2 black eyes, a fat lip, bloody nose and numerous goose eggs, because he has horrible coordination.
15.   Insists on walking everywhere (in the house) even though he falls down all the time!
16.    Loves being outside and gets quite upset when it is time to come in.
17.   Is too strong for his own good.
18.   Is giving us a run for our money, but we love every minute of it!

Anyone else want to join us, and play along? Let me know so I can read yours too!


Paige said...

I may just go cry after reading that he sleeps 12 hours. haha!

Jill said...

See, you have one of those MAGIC babies that sleeps 12 hours - the kind I want. haha!
What a great list. Sounds like Hayes is quite the little man, and so much for you guys to be proud of. :)
Oh, and as for the black eyes, bloody nose, etc... I have a friend who would tell you that's just because he's a boy. I took my eyes off her little guy for two seconds, and he fell down a set of steps onto cobblestone. He had scratches all over his face and a big goose egg on his head. I felt HORRIBLE, and she just laughed at me and said, "He's a boy, he's always getting hurt, don't worry!!" ;)

Catie said...

He is such a cutie!!! Also, I am sooo jealous that he sleeps. ;) But are blessed!!

Nicole said...

awe, cute things like this make me actually want one :)