Saturday, December 29, 2012

Santa Fail

So I just had to share this story with you guys. There is no picture in this post, keep reading to find out why.

So on Saturday December 23rd, I decided I better get the kids in to see Santa. We had been waiting for Ariana to come over, but she ended up having other plans and did come over. Anyways we always go to the local sporting goods store to get Santa pictures. The Lions club does the pictures and it is a $20 donation and they just email you the pictures so you can do what you want with them. The only other Santa that I know of is at the mall, and I think the smallest picture package you can buy is $35 and there is usually about an hour wait to see him. Yeah not going to happen.
I called Yeager's and they said that Santa would be there until 7pm. Perfect it was a little after 4. I had an upset stomach all day, but chose to ignore it for sake of the Santa picture. Well since it is a donation to the Lion's club they only take cash. Of course I didn't have any so I needed to find an ATM. Well I pretty much refuse to pay an ATM surcharge so I set out to find an ATM from my bank. The only 2 that I could think of were inside stores, and I was not going to haul the kids back and forth in the wind and rain to go to the ATM. So I googled it and Chase had an ATM in Barkley Village. Well they have been redoing that area a ton and I pretty much got lost driving around. It felt like I was in some big city, it was ridiculous. So after driving around for 10 minutes I finally found the ATM. Only problem was it was inside the bank which of course was already closed. Tell me what is the point of having an ATM inside a bank. Grr.
So by then I am so frustrated that I decided to just suck it up and go to the credit union ATM which at least only charges me $2. I get my money and head across town to get the pictures. I get them out of the car and into the store. The pictures are taken inside the store in the toy section. When we get to the area there is no one there, just a sign saying "we will be back shortly. Please see schedule on the table" There is no schedule on the table! I went to set Hayes down so he could walk around while I figured out when Santa would be back, and I realized that he was completely soaked through all of his clothes. Awesome! At this point I really didn't care, I figured I could just put my sweatshirt under him and no one would know the difference. (haha sorry Santa) There were some other people standing around with their dogs and they were frustrated so they went and asked the cashier when Santa would be back.
They came back and let me know that apparently the person that had been answering the phones was incorrect and Santa had left at 5. So after I threw a mini fit, I grabbed Hayes and took the kids back out to the car. By then the wind was howling and I could barely get the car door open. I get Hayes all buckled in and step back from the car and something hit my foot. I look down and realized that Hayes had carried out a hacky sack from the store! There was no way I was going to unbuckle my little thief and go back in the store. So being the mom of the year that I am, I sent S back in the store to give it to the cashier.
We finally got all loaded in the car, and I only made it across the parking lot before I started crying. I stopped and called Chris and tried to explain the horrible experience that I had just endeared. He didn't understand why I was so upset. Please tell me I am not the only one who completely gave up on taking Santa pictures this year. (I know I am so going to regret it)


Nicole said...

awe, that sucks! Yeah you'll miss them, but don't worry all will be good!!!

Little Mrs. P said...

Your story sounds awful and I can imagine how frustrated you must have been. I would have cried and then cried some more :)

I made my kids wait for 2 hours to see a mall santa only to pay $30 for a crappy picture. In Texas we could go to a sports store and they had the best santa and we got a pic for free. So, spending money on a crappy picture was awful.

Don't worry though, I can't find my Santa pic from last year and it was Crosby's first Christmas :(