Saturday, January 5, 2013

Catch Up

Here I am playing catch up again. I haven't gotten back the pictures from Hayes's birthday party yet, and I need to get the pictures from mom for Christmas. So I guess I will just share the stuff that we did when I actually took pictures! haha

I took the day after Christmas off. We dropped Hayes off at my parent's house and took the two older kids to Mt. Baker to go sledding.
Ariana hitting some powder

The kids thought it was awesome, I thought it was miserable! Thank goodness my brother and his girlfriend were there, they took the kids up and down the hills a bunch of time. 

There are no towropes, so you have to just climb up the really steep hill. Every other step I would take, I would sink past my knees in the powder. I am way too out of shape for that! haha

On New Years we had the kids so we had a guy from my work and his son come over. The kids all hung out in the family room and we had some nice adult time. Hayes was the only one who didn't make it to midnight.

The kids really enjoyed lighting off fireworks to ring in the new year.

Hayes after his bath with fluffy duck hair. haha


Alison said...

Haha, that last picture is so cute. Baker looks so pretty! But I totally understand what it's like on those hills in the sledding area. Yuck. It's a good place for kids to go and wear themselves out though ;)

Nicole said...

Not sure you'll hear me say this tooooooo often, but I'm jealous of the snow!

Little Mrs P said...

Love the pictures, so beautiful! I want to take the family to Mt. Baker soon! Looks like a fun time was had!

Little Mrs P said...

Sorry, should have posted under my real account...not an old one

Grandma Mary said...

Our little Hayes is so adorable!!!! Great picture or our happy little boy and his fluffy duck hair!!! I love it!!!

Mason's Mama said...

Those sledding pictures are gorgeous! Looks like fun, too! And I love love love the last picture of sweet little Hayes. Precious!