Thursday, May 17, 2012

5 Months

Woah Nelly!! Time is going by fast. I know that is so cliche, but really the months are just flying by.

Stats: Well we didn't have a doctor's appointment this month, so I just measured Hayes at home. He is a little over 28" in length. I tried to weigh him, but our scale is crazy! It said I weigh like 6 pounds more than I do, and that Hayes only weighed 14 pounds. I know he weighs more than that, lets just hope that I also don't weigh that much more!!!

Milestones: Hayes is still constantly on the move. I lay him on the floor to change him and go two steps away to grab a diaper and he has already flipped over and is just staring at me. He has also started sitting unassisted for a couple of seconds on a soft surface. He can even sit himself back up if he starts to tip over. Hayes's hand eye coordination is really improving, if you are holding him and standing near someone else, he will reach over and rub them. He hasn't started to put out his hands to be picked up yet, but he is getting close.

Feeding: April 20th we started solid foods. I planned on doing a post on it, but once again I never got around to it. He loves to eat! Actually it is hard to get him to take a bottle now. I also stopped breastfeeding/ pumping this month. It just didn't make sense anymore. I was only producing 3 ounces all day when I was at work. Hayes seems to have less gas and upset stomachs since I stopped also. I must have been eating stuff that didn't agree with him. I still feel kind of guilty for giving up. I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it. Anyway he loves solid food and he eats a ton of it. Right now he is eating at least 3 meals a day. Usually he gets banana and oatmeal for breakfast, avocado or sweet potato for lunch and prunes and oatmeal for dinner. He seems more content for longer periods of time, and is sleeping for longer stretches, and I'm guessing this is because of the solids.
I feel like he looks so old here!

Behavior: Hayes is still such a good boy. He is started to get a temper though. If you put him somewhere that he doesn't want to be, he lets you know! His whole head will turn red and he screams like he is hurt, until you pick him up, and then he just grins, little stinker. Hayes has also started screaming like a girl, just for fun. He can get quit loud and then he usually works himself up so much he gets mad. He also gets mad if you don't feed him fast enough. While eating, he likes his mouth completely full of food or he starts getting crabby. He starts coming at the spoon like a hungry little bird, it is so cute!
He gets so excited to eat!

Sleep: I think the solids are really helping with his sleep. Friday night he slept 10 hours, Saturday 11  and Sunday night 11. Last night he did wake up once after 8 hours to eat and then went right back to sleep. Lets hope I didn't just jinx myself again. Naps are still hit and miss with him. One day he will take 2, two hour naps and then little 30 minute cat nap in the evening, other days, he will nap for a total of 1 hour. That little boy is on no ones schedule but his own.

Clothes: Hayes is outgrowing most of his 6 month clothes. He still wears them, but they are like knickers. He wears anything from 6 month to 24 month clothes. Baby sizes are so crazy. We also just switched him to size 4 diapers from Target. Which are also weird, they aren't any bigger around then the 3's, they are just longer.

So Chris is back home now, and I still haven't gotten any pictures of Hayes and him. Probably because Chris has been working like 16 hour days, and we hardly ever see him.
This picture is from Chris's birthday in January it was just too cute not to post

Mother's Day was pretty uneventful. Chris, Hayes and I drove around car lots looking for a new truck for Chris. Then we went to my mom's for dinner, and then Chris had to go to work. Maybe one weekend soon, I can have a redo. Or maybe I can just combine it with my birthday, and do something fun on Memorial Day weekend. So yeah, I didn't take any pictures this weekend, so there was no point in doing a separate post. I am so thankful that Chris is working so much, but it would be nice if he got a little break so we could have some family time. =) I know I know, got to make hay while the sun shines, haha literally!


Nicole said...

I'm nosey and if you don't want to tell, obviously that's A-OK, but what does your husband do?

Miss Southern Prep said...

Oh my goodness, he is just SO precious!