Tuesday, September 18, 2012

9 Months

Stats: Still no updates, but he is definitely getting taller. Hayes can reach things on the counter now, and loves pulling everything he can off.

Milestones: Hayes never stops moving. He is into everything. He also has quite the memory, if you take him away from something, and move him to the other end of the house, he crawls right back to where he was. Hayes has started clapping occasionally. He won't do it when you ask him to, but he will sometimes do it when he is sitting in his high chair. Hayes started playing pat a cake on 9/5/2012. Hayes got his top right tooth on 9/1/2012.

Feeding: The boy still loves to eat. He has tried everything we eat and loves it all. I hope he is always such an unpicky eater.

Behavior: Hayes is entertaining himself for longer periods of time, but he is still into everything. His temper is starting to show through. When you take Hayes away from something he wants, he will yell and kin dof through a fit. He is very strong willed right now, I am hoping this is just a passing phase!

Sleep: Hayes is still a champ at sleeping through the night. One night when we were camping, he woke up twice in the middle off the night, but I just let him fuss and he went back to sleep. Hayes's naps are still all over the charts. One day he will only sleep 1 hour all day and then the next day he will take two 2 hour naps.

Clothes: Hayes is still wearing the same size as last month, but things are starting to get a little shorter on him.

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Nicole said...

Unpicky kids are definitely the best :). He's such a cutie and love that last photo of him asleep.