Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soap Lake

This weekend Chris and I took a little mini vacation! Without Hayes Gasp! It was so hard to leave our little boy, but it was so relaxing, and just what we needed! Chris went over to bid a job for work, so I tagged along.
Ross Lake

We left Thursday after work. There was terrible smoke going through Leavenworth and Wenatchee. It was dark and the smoke made it really hard to see. We got to our hotel about 11:30 and Chris's mom was there and had our key. Mary goes on vacation to Soap Lake twice a year, she is actually the reason why Chris went there to bid a job. Soap Lake is a mineral lake that is known world wide for it's healing properties. Most of the hotels in town have the lake water pumped into the room, so that guests with mobility problems can soak in the mineral water in the privacy of their own rooms. This is also nice for in the winter, when it is snowing outside ;) Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, the water main that carries this water burst. Without this water being pumped into the rooms, the businesses in this town will more than likely be forced to close. So Chris came in and met with the Mayor and the head of the public works department, and gave them some options for replacing this line.

While Chris was busy meeting with people and measuring pipes, I was laying on the beach in 85 degree weather, napping. hehe After Chris met with a bunch of business owners, he met up with me and we went swimming and had a mud bath. The black mud at the bottom of the lake is full minerals, so we coated ourselves and laid out in the sun and let it bake on. After we rinsed off the dried mud, our skin felt so soft and tight. It really helped with my little oil pocket bumps on my arms.

After we went inside and showered, we headed out to dinner. We tried to go to a drive in, but apparently they closed at 7pm, so we bagged that idea and walked over to the fancy restaurant in town, Don's.  It was so good! Chris and I had the prime rib, our meals came with clam chowder, bread, corn on the cob, choice of potato and a huge cut of prime rib. It was way more than we could eat, so we had breakfast for the next morning, score!

Saturday morning, we went junk shopping. We hit up, a flea market, a city wide garage sale in Ephrata, 2 junk shops, and numerous garage sales. We Chris went a little over board, he ended up with 2 fishing poles, a tackle box, a rolling tool table, a huge inflatable raft and paddles, 6 old duck decoys, an old cork dart board, a weed burner, and some other misc. tools. I was able to buy a few Christmas presents, but I can't say what they are because the recipients of these presents, read my blog.

That is smoke, not clouds
After "picking" Chris had a little more PR work to do, and I headed down to the beach. We mudded ourselves up again, and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. That evening we went back to that drive-in for dinner. After dinner Chris, his mom and I went for a drive up the coulee,  to some beautiful lakes, and then checked out some old Native American caves. After that we stopped for some ice cream and took the llong way back to the hotel.

From inside the Lake Lenoir Caves

Sunday we got up and packed up and Chris had to do some video taping for his boss, then we headed out of town. When we stopped for gas, we overheard some people talking about how they were evacuating parts of Wenatchee due to the fires. Chris and I decided to bypass that whole area, and go for a more scenic drive, and take Highway 20 up through Winthrop. Along the way, we stopped at one last garage sale, were I bought 2 bags of books, and Chris bought some more tools. Then we stopped and bought a box of peaches, because you just can't go to Eastern Wa and not buy peaches. Yum!
Dry Falls it looked like a mini Grand Canyon

We did see a little forest fire on our drive home, but the smoke was all headed in the other direction. We were so happy to get home to Hayes and get his snuggles, to finish off our relaxing long weekend!

What did you do this weekend?

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Alison said...

I LOVE Soap Lake! The mud baths are so much fun and feel soooo good!

Glad you guys could take a nice relaxing vacation :) Looks like you had fun!

Mason's Mama said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! And a mud bath? Awesome!!!

Nicole said...

You so make me want to visit this place now!!