Monday, October 1, 2012


Hayes started walking running over the weekend! Yep my little 9 almost 10 month old baby, is full out running across the room. He will be standing holding on to something, and he turns around and takes a step, if he doesn't fall right away, he takes off running. He usually makes it about 7 or 8 steps before he face plants and slides across the floor. Oh dear lord we are in trouble!!!!
I had a dream when he was a couple of months old, that he stood up and ran across the room. Watching him run now, is identical to my dream, it is kinda crazy. Hayes has no fear, and when he falls he doesn't even put his hands down or anything, what a crazy little boy!
I have been trying to get him on video but every time he sees the camera, he just crawls over to it and wants to grab it. Haha maybe my mom will have better luck today.


Marci Smith said...

Congratulations! Each new phase is thrilling and even a tad scary. Enjoy your sweet runner! :-). Xoxo

Nicole said...

Oh no, you have a mobile man... your life will be forever changed :)

Little Mrs p said...

You are in trouble :) Crosby is 14 months and just now starting to take steps on his own, I can't imagine if he'd started at 9 months. I think little boys truly have no fear. Ha ha

The Bells said...

Wow! Hollin is almost 13 months and wants nothing to do with walking! She's a timid one. I remember Zane seemed much happier when he started walking. And I was much busier!

You asked about Hollin having her blood drawn. Apparently it's a new standard screen that they do here to check for lead poisoning and anemia. Luckily, her labs were normal, but the process was horrible!