Wednesday, October 10, 2012



Yep that's me! I haven't forgotten about you guys, my life has just been boring. Well actually I would say my life has been the exact opposite of boring lately. But it is all stuff I can't really talk about on my blog yet. I just wanted to check in and let you guys no we are doing good, actually better than that. There have just been a lot of changes around here lately. Hopefully I will be able to share about some of those changes soon. If anyone is actually interested, feel free to comment, and I will fill you in through email.
I can tell you guys that we are moving! Woohoo. For those of you that don't know we have been living at my parents house for the past year. Well not really in their house, but on their property. We do everything in the house, but Chris, Hayes and I sleep out in our huge 5th wheel. This has worked out great, because we have had build in baby sitters! Ha. No but it has been so nice with work, I don't have to take Hayes anywhere, super early in the morning. Chris and I both have to be to work at 7am, and getting myself ready and out the door in time is plenty. Anyway due to some of the changes that are happening(no I am not pregnant) we need a house. So... We got one! The best part is it is 3 houses down from my parents! So in the mornings, my mom is just going to come over before I live and stay there in the mornings and until Hayes wakes up, then they will probably go back to her house. This works out great then I don't have to try and get Hayes and myself ready in the morning.
So we are moving in on Sunday. I am so excited. Oh and Hayes turned 10 months old yesterday, so hopefully I can get that post together soon

So that is pretty much what the house looks like. I don't have any pictures right not, but it is awesome! It's a split level with 4 bedrooms 3 baths and a 2 car garage. The house is on a little over an acre and really private.There is a huge fir tree in the front yard with a rope swing. I will try and post some pictures of moving day!
So I am here, and hopefully by next week life will calm down a little and not be so cryptic! haha


Angi said...

Congrats on the house!! That's super exciting!!!

Marci Smith said...

Congrats on your house. That is really exciting! Ok, I'll admit I thought you were going to say your we're pregnant. I can't wait to see what you're going to tell us! Xoxo

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Nicole said...

Yey, congrats! And definitely have to say I'm curious :)

Mason's Mama said...

Congratulations on the house! Can't wait to hear all about the changes. I'm super curious!!

Alison said...

Wow, that's so exciting! Congrats on the new house!! Hope moving in is going well!