Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Park, Bubble Bath and a Haircut

Can you believe I actually uploaded pictures off my camera so I have something to blog about! Most evenings Chris is hogging the laptop on Youtube or Craigslist. Anyway he is gone this evening so I am taking advantage.

Last weekend we had a couple of days of beautiful weather so we headed out to the park.

The sun was so warm that we took off our sweatshirts! The car said it was 49 degrees but I swear it was warmer than that. Either that or I am just a true Washingtonian.

Hayes loved running around the park. We went once before but Hayes wasn't really running around like he is now.
So Sweet
Last week I gave Hayes his first candy cane...

Yes he is wearing reindeer jammies in February. Got to wear it will it still fits!

which lead to his first bubble bath, I'm pretty sure he liked it!

Well last night I finally broke down and Chris gave Hayes his first hair cut. Wwwwaahhhh!

It was time! He looked so cute with it a little long and he was definitely rocking a mullet, but every time he eats for some reason he feels the need to place his food on top of his head. Banana is not the easiest to get out without a full blown bath.
Hayes in his Darth Vader cape. It didn't even last until Daddy made it in the room with the clippers.

Daddy was going entirely too slow!

Instant tough guy
He now looks like a 3 year old =(


Justin and Marcie said...

Awesome hair cut!!!! Looks like a little man :) We have the exact same toy on the wall in our bathtub and Carter LOVES it!!!

Nicole said...

awe, he's such a cutie! From the pics, he just took the haircut just fine.

Sarah said...

Love the picture of them walking together. I think they are holding hands, right? How precious!!

Amy said...

Aww, these photos are all so cute! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Aw such cute pics! I am loving the hair cut :D

Darcie (My Modern Country) said...

Oh my! Your little man is absolutely the haircut :)