Wednesday, February 20, 2013


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Uh oh, these questions kind of look like trouble! haha. Let's just say I was not the best teenager. Chris and I always joke are afraid Hayes is going to be a combination of the two of us in high school. We might be in trouble. haha

{no. 1} Describe what high school was like for you. Include details like where you went, your dedication to certain subjects, etc.

I went to Sehome High School. Where I did not fit in at all! It was such a clicky school where you weren't anyone if you didn't play sports. I got in my fair share of trouble in school, and I was lucky to graduate with decent grades. Thank goodness I did running start my senior year, so it got me out the high school and I was able to finish some college credits.

{no. 2} On a typical Friday night in high school, what could you be found doing?

Uh oh, you don't want to know. Let's just say I was not doing what I should be doing! Lots of wheelin and parties up on the mountains.
{no. 3} Did you own a car in high school?

Yep. I got my license the day I turned 16 actually I took the test when I was 15 1/2 so on my birthday I went in and picked up my license. I had a 1986 Dodge truck. Horrible on fuel mileage, but we could fit 4 in the cab and who knows how many in the back. 

{no. 4} Sum up your fashion sense in high school.

Redneck. I was such a rebel! I wore a rebel flag everyday, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, you name it; I pushed the limits at the preppy school. Oh and big bangs! Yeah I still rocked the 80s bangs well into the 2000s.

{no. 5} Have you attended any high school reunions?

Nope. We had a reunion 2 years ago but I didn't go. I still live in my home town and I probably would have gone if it hadn't been $50 a person to get in. Yeah not worth it to see people I never liked in the first place. I do still have a couple of friends from high school and we get together occasionally for dinner, but everyone else, who cares. 

Sorry for the horrible picture quality. I am way too lazy to find the actual pictures.  I stole these off my old Myspace, and obviously it was before digital. Actually I must have had to scan these to Myspace because I didn't have it in high school.


Nicole said...

haha, pushed the limits huh? I fit in with the aggies and dressed mostly like them. Maybe I'll have to go home and dig up photos and do this...

Scriptor said...

That's cool you had a truck! Thanks for linking up with us.

Jill said...

LOVE that you drove a Dodge truck and stuck to your style, even if it meant not fitting in. You go, girl :)

Anonymous said...

I seriously love your style from back then - that's what I love to wear now! Love, love, love my cowboy boots and flannel shirts! I wish that I would have been in to mudding when I was in school, I probably would have had a lot more fun rather than just partying and staying in houses. We go mudding every chance we get now :D
Thanks so much for linking up with us!!