Wednesday, February 13, 2013


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{no. 1} What is your favorite flower?

Tulips. Good thing I only live a couple of miles from Tulip Town, USA

{no. 2} Tell us about your favorite Valentine's Day:

I seriously can not remember a single Valentine's Day. I have no clue! Haha. Chris and I have been together almost 7 years, I am sure we did something for one of them? Maybe...
{no. 3} Was Valentine's Day a big deal when you were a kid?

Yes. My mom always made it special.  She always got us little gifts and valentines. In fact I think we got presents every holiday growing up! haha I guess I better step up my game!

{no. 4} If you could have any one thing for Valentine's Day what would it be?

Have a night out with Chris. We haven't had a date night in months. I would love to be able to sneak away sans kids and just spend time with him!
{no. 5} Do you have any special plans for Valentine's Day?

Nope. Maybe I will make a nice dinner, and watch a movie after the kids are in bed?


Nicole said...

Chris better step up his game if you can't remember even one V-day... lol :) j/k. My mom did and still does something for pretty much every holiday. I should step my game up too!

Jill said...

I'm kind of glad to read several people who don't think V-day is all that special... Makes me feel less left out of the hoopla! haha!

Whatever you do tomorrow night, enjoy :)

VandyJ said...

I had a hard time coming up with a specific Valentine's Day memory--except for the one where we hit about every restaurant in town and everything was full. Not a great night.

Little Mrs. P said...

We have the same views on V-Day. We never make it a big deal and instead opt for a dinner at home and a movie. I can't stand thinking about fighting people for a table at a restaurant...ha ha...

Hope you enjoy your evening!

Alison said...

I'm so sad that I've only been to the tulip festival once when I was about 9. I need to go again because I also LOVE tulips!

Amanda Haney said...

Aw! My Husband didn't grow up celebrating holidays much and I did, so it's hard for me to accept that we doesn't get as excited about holidays as I do.