Wednesday, April 10, 2013





Wow I have been slacking! I told myself I could at least keep up with doing WWTK but.... my laptop broke and so I have no pictures and I really hate posting with no pictures. At least this one I can put in some Google images.

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{no. 1} Were you born and raised in the town you live in, or did you move to that town?
Yes I was. I am actually the 5th generation in Whatcom County. My family homesteaded here in the 1870s. 
{no. 2} What is your favorite thing about the town you live in? 
I love that we have the bay and salt water on the West and the mountains to the East. 
{no. 3} Are there any special annual events there? 
There is the Northwest Washington Fair, and the Ski to Sea Race that draws people from all over the world on Memorial Day weekend.

{no. 4} What don't you like about your town?
The rain! Well I guess that is really about my weather, not the town itself. I guess I would say I don't like how much it has grown recently. We live right on the Canadian border, and we get so many rude people down here shopping.
{no. 5} If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Kalispell Montana, Chris and I went there on vacation and absolutely fell in love. We even tried moving there, but it didn't work out. If there was more work, we would figure out a way to live there!

Hopefully our laptop will be fixed soon so I can catch you guys up with our lives!


VandyJ said...

Montana is beautiful.

Jill said...

Rude people?! Canadians?! I didn't think the two could be spoken in the same sentence!!! ;) JK of course... I've always kind of giggled when people suggest Canadians are so polite. Not necessarily!

Where I live, we have a mountain range on one side and river on the other - I agree, that's a beautiful location!

Angi said...

I've always wanted to visit Kalispell! I've heard it's gorgeous!!

Susannah said...

I have some good friends who live in Kalispell. My hubby and I went to visit this summer and we really liked the place! :-)

Janna Renee said...

It looks gorgeous where you live! Having the water and mountains is definitely a plus.

Nicole said...

Wow, I couldn't imagine living in Montana! But I do have relatives that live out there around Helena And hopefully the laptop gets fixed soon!