Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 May blogging

Day 2: Thursday May 2nd Educate us on something you know a lot about.

Well... How about Whatcom County, Washington? I'm sure most of you no nothing about it, or where it is, so why not?

Well let's get the most important thing out of the way, I was born here! haha just kidding, well I was born here, and actually I am the 5th generation here. My family was part of the original homesteaders to the area in the 1870s.. Whatcom County is the furthest Northwest you can go in the continental United States. We are actually closer to Vancouver, BC than we are to Seattle, WA.

 Bellingham is the largest city, the rest of the county is rural farmland and mountains. The Puget Sound is the Western border and Whatcom County actually continues over the Cascade mountain range, into Eastern WA though mostly not accessible by roads.

That is Bellingham Bay in the foreground and Mt Baker in the background
Lots of land is in the National forest

Actually the majority of Whatcom is not accessible by roads. Well paved roads I should say. We have a lot of logging roads the crisscross up through the foothills.

No one ever thinks of rednecks coming from the North, but since we are so rural and out of the way, there are quite a few. (present company included)

Parade through t

There is a large farming community that my husband is proudly a part of.
There isn't a whole lot to do here. We have the NW Washington Fair in Lynden in August, the Ski to Sea Race and parade memorial day weekend.

We have beautiful weather in the summer and most people that live here spend most of their time outdoors. It is a rare occasion when the temperature hits 90. Mt Baker is really popular for skiing and snowboarding in the winter. In 1999 Mt Baker hit a record for the most snow fall ever recorded in the US in a single season, 95 feet, that record still stands. It is funny though because we hardly get any snow in the lowlands because we are right up against the water.

Ross Lake from our weekend getaway last year

Oh and there are at least 60 lake in the county also, the largest is Ross Lake at about 23 miles long. There is lots of fishing and boating done on those lakes.

There in your geography lesson for today. How about you? I would love to learn more about where you are from.


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This is awesome. I was curious about whats up there. Sometimes when my husband and I get on the north bound freeway, I joke that we're going to accidentaly cross over into canada...

But I had no idea you guys were there. Thats awesome!

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Woohoo!! Yay Whatcom County :)