Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blog Everyday in May

So here is my attempt to actually post to my blog! There is a link up started to challenge everyone to blog everyday in May. I am so uncreative, so lucky for me there are topics for everyday. We shall see how this goes...(Oh yeah and still no computer so sorry for lack of pictures until I can remedy that)

Day 1: Wednesday May 1st The story of your life in 250 words or less

I was born in 1982 my parents were high school sweethearts but I was their first child born when they were in their 30s. My parents bought their house before they were married in 1973(40 years this year!) so growing up I lived in the same house(they still live there). My brother was born when I was almost 6 and he is my only sibling. I had an awesome childhood and had everything I needed and a lot of things I just wanted. The summer (2000) after high school I started dating a total loser! I met Chris for the first time a month into dating said loser. We hit it off, but obviously I was not single so it went nowhere. I dated that guy for  4 1/2 years until I finally smartened up and left him for good. I spent a little over a year partying and just being free and having fun. Chris and I ran into each other again in April of 2006 and we have been together ever since. We were married in June of 2007 and had or son Hayes December of 2011.

Just for fun here is a list of the jobs I have had =)

Cashier-Rite Aide
Customer Service-Best Buy
X-Ray hanger-Radioligists
Bank teller
Office Manager/owner- Tree service
Engineer-building recycling equipment(current)

How about you? Can you give a run down of your life in 250 words or less? Think you can keep up with blogging everyday in May? Join in with Jenni at Story of my Life


Anonymous said...

I am thinking about trying to blog everyday in May, but I have so many other posts planned.. Maybe I will try though :D Loved reading about you (in 250 words or less, HA HA)! That's so neat that your parents still live in the house that you grew up in.

Alison said...

Ooooh, this is a fun linkup! I may have to join in some days. You have some serious job skills. How was being a flagger??

Nicole said...

Wow, your parents were in their 30's when they had you? I'm finding more and more older parents so I don't feel as bad :)

Mason's Mama said...

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to grow up in one house. My parents always rented and we moved every 1-3 years. So, I’ve seen a lot of houses in my days. Ha.